Kingdom Rise | Review

Check out the kind review from our new friend, Ed Rotheram found here or read below.

Excited that God is stirring his people to act out their faith. Also thrilled that you “get” what we are doing with Awaken and “Kingdom Rise”. Thanks, Ed! - Joel


Every now and again a worship album comes along that, for reasons you can’t always explain, simply captivates you. It changes the way you think, the way you worship, and draws you into something greater than the sum of it’s parts. The new Kingdom Rise EP from the Awaken Movement has done this to me – I just “got” it from the moment I turned it on. Produced by Stu G, this EP finds you encountering more than just a set of songs – as they say themselves – “Awaken” is a verb, not a name.

To me, one of the greatest things about corporate worship is that it draws us into something bigger – we come out of our homes, families and indeed, ourselves, and come together as one body, the bride of Christ, worshipping God. These were the thoughts and feelings I had as soon as the group vocals that lead us into “We Will Go” – the opening track on this album. Instantly, there’s a feeling of togetherness, of community, of mission, and of purpose.

“Most High God” is, with no fear of over-exaggeration, one of the best songs I’ve heard in a LONG time. It is simply staggering how simple, and yet how highly effective this song is. If you want a song to put on the lips of the church that is powerful, accessible and heartfelt – look no further. Both myself and my wife were singing this song by the time we were half way through the first play. This song could easily be an anthem for the church – worship leaders, take note.

“Kingdom Rise” can be summed up simply as “fun”. With a catchy, off-beat rhythm influenced by Soca music Stu experienced on a Nicaraguan missions trip, this track offers something different musically, while maintaining the overall message of the album. We are reminded that we are citizens of God’s Kingdom, He is Lord, and we want to awaken the world to it.

From here, we enter a more reflective feel as we are reminded of God’s love & compassion. “Fatherless” allows us to respond to God the Father, the God who heals us, shapes us, and provides for our every need. This song takes on another level half way through, with a deep, heartfelt chorus of Hallelujahs – it is uplifting, worshipful, and an appropriate response to a God who is everything He says He is.

The call to something more is captured in the closing tracks – “Move”, a song FULL of Scriptural truths, is a heart’s cry to see more of His spirit at work to bring His Kingdom to earth. The album closes with a “Postlude” – in which Rob Peabody speaks a great word on all that worship is, does and brings. His words empower the listener to change the way they think about worship – it is not something we should “go to”, but something we should embody. It asks pertinent, fitting questions about how we approach and view worship, and reminds us of our commission as worshippers. I’ll leave you with Rob’s closing words:

“What if the worship of the church wasn’t only music, but lifestyle? What if we truly care about what He cares about? What if we surrendered our desires and embraced His? What if, instead of adding Jesus to our lives, we found ourselves so wrapped up in Him, we didn’t want anything more? What if our work, family, relationships, marriages looked completely different? What if they looked like Jesus’ gospel, like redemption, like a new Kingdom way of life? There would be an awakening, and Jesus’ Kingdom would be on earth, as it is in Heaven.”

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