After our initial song meeting with Stu, we took a break and made a plan to meet back up after dinner for our first co-write. Joel and I showed him this chorus we were working on. As often happens, more than trying to write line by line, we just started talking to each other. Talking about how it’s hard to know how and where to start loving those in need. Talking about how it’s hard at times to even love our brothers and sisters in the church. The answer centered on prayer – asking God for help to open our hearts and eyes to those around us. It’s so easy to get caught up in our jobs, activities, agendas and ‘empires.’ This song is a cry for God’s help to build His Kingdom in and through us while our agendas fall away.

One cool story: We didn’t know exactly where to go with a bridge at first. The song felt like a complete thought without a bridge, and we didn’t want to go in another lyrical direction or add anything to it. Our friend David Leonard from All Sons and Daughters helped a lot in pre-production and sang an “Oh” over the bridge sections and we loved it. His vocal stayed in final mix and he tracked some organ at the end.