We Are Plan A




A leap of faith.

Whatever you call it, people don’t like to do it. Most leave this endeavor to the courageous, extroverted, adventure-loving, adrenaline junkies.

I was born a shy, fear-mongering, introverted, safe-loving person. I would be the first person to hide behind any smokescreen that would justify comfort. I disliked anything that made me uncertain…. that called me out into vulnerability…. that forced me to engage my quivering hands and racing heart.

Then I met Jesus.

It was clear to me from Day 1 of salvation that this identity freely handed over to me in Christ meant I did not have to live like that anymore. I don’t really know why it was so clear so early, when a whole host of Christians today have not read the memo. But I was probably so sick of living in fear and having an incredibly mundane existence of safety, that the potential of living the antithesis of this seemed like the liberation I had been craving.      

In the Kingdom, “His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness” (2 Peter 1:3). Did you read that? We have it all. We have everything we need to live an extraordinary, godly existence.  Jesus died not only His own death, but He died a death for us. What Christians are still struggling to understand is this means we have the choice to receive a life that is free from fear. 

Do you know what I think people fear sometimes even more than the two most common fears of death or public speaking? I think they fear engaging other people in conversation. The reasons are vast but they include the fear of rejection, selfishness manifested in self-preservation, the lack of our perceived capacity to engage, and a justification for shyness and introversion. I am not sure if we realize this, but the only way to engage a dying world is by…. engagement.

We are the Plan A for the healing of the world. And people won’t be healed by silence. They just won’t.

It is risky business to come out of our shells and put our distractions aside. It means losing something else and that’s precisely why people don’t like the risks. The very thought of losing my pride, or losing someone’s acceptance, or losing time, or even losing my life makes me shutter. But that is a life about me.

If you’re a Christian, you have to stop it. When you become a citizen of the Kingdom, Jesus makes no fuss about his requirements of you, and that is the requirement to be no more so that you can be everything.

You can now walk into a room full of people and look each person in the eye and fully engage them. You can ask that girl on a date. You can sing that solo in front of a crowded room. You can open that business. You can make that move to a different country. You can put your child down on that dirty floor. You can take that mission trip. You can feed that homeless person.

People will be healed when the Jesus-people start living a lifestyle of risk. Jesus has already transformed His people into risk-taking citizens. Now let’s believe it.

This is what it means to me to be a citizen of the Kingdom of God.

Alongside her husband Rob, Medea provides pastoral and administrative support for Awaken Movement UK. In addition, Medea provides creative graphic solutions for various non-profits/charities in the UK and the US. She has just obtained a graduate diploma in Kingdom Theology from the University of Chester. In 2011, the Peabodys moved their young family from a suburban mega-church pastorate position in Texas, to London in order to begin an initiative of missional living alongside their church plant. Medea and Rob have been married for 8 ½ years and have two boys. Medea enjoys the lost art of listening, a hot cup of vanilla tea, and organising small spaces.