3 Things To Do Before Taking that Risk

So, I recently finished reading the Risk chapter in the book Citizen, (Chapter 4). Yeah, It was a good one. And best of all it was a bit of a kick on the ol’ rear! I read this chapter in a small group setting and at the end we went around the group and answered the question, “What is God calling you to take a risk in?” And you know what, every single person had an answer. Every person in the group felt God calling them to take a risk in some area of their lives.

You see, I believe God is calling every Christian on the planet, no matter where you live or where you’re from, to take a risk. He’s asking us to step out in faith and respond to the nudge the Holy Spirit has placed in our hearts. Maybe its something as simple as calling that friend that’s been on your heart all day just to see how she is doing. Maybe it’s inviting that co-worker to church. Maybe it’s a career change so you can chase that dream God has given to you. Or maybe it’s relocating your family to reach another part of the world with the Jesus’ love.

The point is I bet right now as you read this there is something on your heart and mind which God is calling you to take a risk in. Take a minute right now to think about it, pray about it, maybe even write it down.

A year ago God placed the city of London in the heart of my husband David and me. We couldn’t shake it, (sometimes I tried). We had visited a few times and every time I was in the city I felt this quite nudge in my heart that I would live here one day on mission. At the time it seemed impossible and unreal. How would we ever afford it? What would we do there? How can we just leave what we have – great jobs, families, an amazing community, our home? What will people think of us?

So when we felt the call to take this risk and move to another continent we did a few practical things. Maybe you can take a few of these ideas and apply them to what God is calling you to do.

1.    Pray. Yes I know this obvious, but a lot of times I overlook this step and worry, worry, WORRY. Spend time with the Lord. Give Him your burdens. Share with Him what you have doubts about. Ask for strength and favor as your step out and take the risk He’s calling you to take. And most of all worship Him because He is God, He is faithful and He has it ALL under control.

2.    Talk to someone. David and I spent a lot of time talking to each other, our pastors, our parents and close trusted friends about this calling. God used these people big time in our lives and it encouraged us to take this risk. We also spoke to people living on mission in London. So speak to people who are doing what you believe God is calling you to. They will offer invaluable insight and wisdom about what might come your way.  

3.    Go. We prayed, we talked to people, we researched, we prepared, we sold pretty much everything we owned and we went. Nike said it best – “Just do it”. Take a deep breath and make the call, talk to the friend, turn in the resignation letter, or get on the plane. It’s time to put feet to the call, take the risk and go. This world needs to see people who are willing to take huge risks for the love of Christ. So let’s do this.

I love this quote in Citizen, “True citizens of the kingdom should be the most risk taking people on the planet. We have nothing to lose.”

So let’s go, let’s take a risk!


Genie is a worship leader originally from Miami, FL. Along with her husband, David, she is now apart of the Awaken Movement team in London. She loves a good strong cup of cuban coffee, exploring London, and a great pair of boots. 

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