Redefining Normal

Today Awaken features a blog from Vanessa of Kelli and Vanessa as she tells of her experience with her children as they visit a children's shelter in their area.

An excerpt:

Now, here's what I did not expect ...

I did not expect children who are subjects of domestic violence, children who aren't loved by their own mother/father, children who have been exposed to drugs & children who have been abandoned and neglected to love & embrace MY KIDS so beautifully.

The minute we walked in, one specific 9 year old boy came over to Noah and with a huge smile on his face, wrapped his arm around my son & said "Hello, friend! I am so excited you're here to spend time with me!" He looked at me and asked if I'd like to sit down & showed me where the coffee was in case I "get a little thirsty". Talk about a warm welcome to a home he & his four other siblings have been living in for a month now. He and several other little girls embraced my children and made them feel so at home ... so much so, my kids had the "most fun ever" and can't wait to go back!

When I told this particular little boy we'd see him next month, he said "I won't be here but know I will miss you." My heart.

My heart literally bleeds for kids who are neglected and unwanted by their own flesh & blood. It wrecks me TO THE CORE. I can't handle it, I lose sleep, I randomly cry thinking about it, I want to save them and fix their situations ....... but I can't. I feel helpless & it kills me knowing I may never know what happens to this little boy and his siblings, along with all the other sweet kids we loved on this weekend. 

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