The Presence of God in Community

‘A change is as good as a rest’ -- in this instance for me it certainly was. This retreat had come at just the right time (as it always does.) My mentor had invited me up to stay at his house with a group of other guys that he mentored, for 48 hours, with a group of other guys that he mentored. The agenda was to hang out, pray for one another, worship and move as the spirit led.

On driving up to his house, I knew that these times spent with 7 or 8 guys who didn’t know each other but loved Christ, were precious. An environment was created where the earthly agendas were placed at the foot of the cross and permission was given for God to be about his business.

On the first evening we lit the log fire and preceded to worship God and declare his goodness. It was such an incredible time once again, as you could almost taste that goodness as we relinquished control and allowed him to move.

In the midst of prayer and worship, one of the guys stepped forward and confessed how he felt a striving within him and acknowledged how much he needed us to lift him up in prayer. As soon as he stepped out and we started praying for him, the presence of God fell in the room. Freedom reigned in that house that night in a way I had never experienced or comprehended before. It was a case of God seeing a group of His boys coming together in his name, and he wanted to bless it.

I wonder how often we come to church or meet together in a community and only pay lip service to ‘giving God freedom to move.' If we truly believe God is good and his ways are greater than ours we will let go of the wheel.  

A community needs to have many assets and characteristics, but when it hosts the presence of God well and allows him to have his way, lives are changed and freedom reigns.

- David Cokayne