Mission America Coalition

There is something beautiful, pure, and right about locking arms in solidarity with brothers and sisters from around the country. Although we represent different organizations, tribes, denominations, ways of doing church, and come from all sorts of differing cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds, we stand in unity centered around Jesus. The truth of the matter is, to follow Jesus is to commit your allegiance to the true King of the Universe, and this overarching loyalty supersedes all others. We become citizens of the Kingdom of God and this citizenship knows no earthly divisions.

Last month, Awaken was honored to lock arms with leaders from around the nation and pray, plan, and unite with citizens of His Kingdom. Our dream and hope is that we would very tangibly be His church and show love to a nation in which many are far from Him. We left inspired and willing to play our part in seeing the name of Jesus be lifted high in this day... in our time. "

Find out more at Love2020.com or leave us a message to see how you or your church can be involved.