Light of Life - Pittsburgh, PA

As Winter Jam stops in Pittsburgh today, we're highlighting Light of Life and the kingdom work they're doing. When you read the story of Debra, realize this - decisions we make early in life follow us. There are people all around you who need the light of Jesus, so shine bright!

Debra’s Story

“I met Jesus when I was just 12 years old, but I didn’t realize Jesus as Lord until many years later,” said Debra. “But even after that, I didn’t truly turn my life around until I found Light of Life.”

Debra’s struggle with drugs and alcohol began when she was 21 years old. Using alcohol and crystal meth to ease inner turmoil, she found herself in jail in 1987 charged with vehicular homicide and DUI.

After spending three years in jail, Debra was determined to lead a better life. Her faith was stronger and her self-esteem had improved. Debra remarried, had four children and attended college—graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and art.

However, her 21 year second marriage was dangerously unhealthy—racked with emotional and physical abuse. Then, in 2007, Debra started using crack cocaine and immediately became addicted. Once again, her life spiraled downward.

The situation worsened. But in 2009, Debra mustered the courage to leave the situation. Settling her children in with a friend, she entered Light of Life’s recovery program for women and children.

“The program forever changed and saved my life. The counseling, parenting and co-dependency classes were incredibly helpful; Bible studies were crucial to my recovery.”

Today, Debra continues to live a healthy, Christ-filled life. She started a Master’s degree program in art and art therapy and “gives back” by helping and encouraging other women in need.

Please pray for Debra and other women like her who are working hard to rebuild their lives at Light of Life.