Awaken Weekend

At the end of February, our team led the weekend at The Avenue Church, just south of Dallas. Friday and Saturday, we led worship and Rob Peabody brought the message for their students' Big Weekend. We also had the privilege of doing the same for all Sunday services. Thankfully, like so many weekends before, the Spirit's presence graced every song and word. Yet this weekend was different and special.

The major focus of the music and message centered on what a life of worship looks like. Using our study and mixing in some of our songs, we saw firsthand that this idea resonated with so many. It was an honor to hear someone say 'This is exactly what God has been prompting and speaking to me.'

On Saturday, the students worked on 15 service projects in the community.  Many felt the power of 'unplugging' and trading a few hours of 'selfies' for being selfless.

As a team, we'd love to come to your church or city and join with you in believing and working together to see God move. This includes any combination of speaking, worship and service projects. If you want to learn more, please email

Here's a recap from the weekend: