Music Monday -- All Sons and Daughters/God With Us

All Sons & Daughters are a breath of fresh air.  Their songs are beautifully simple, inviting us to embrace truth and the greatness of God.  It's clear that they haven't set out to prove anything to anyone, which is particularly refreshing in the ever pervasive sub-culture of Christian celebrity.  If their music communicates anything, it's that they love God deeply and that love compels them to make music simply out of obedience and faith.  They write songs for the Church ... because they love the Church.  Truth be told, I think the Church could use more people like that.  I am ever so grateful for that and for them.

I chose this song because it's become a favorite of mine over the past couple of months.  Have a listen.  I dare you to try not singing along.

-- Hai

*Be sure to pick up their new self-titled release tomorrow!