What is Reset?

For close to a year, we have supported and prayed for Nick Hall and the team at RESET Movement. Their vision is for a nationwide wave of revival of this generation, culminating in a gathering in DC late summer 2016.

Our team at Awaken's goal is to come alongside and help offer resources for anyone who hears this message from Nick and RESET - that every student and leader would be excited to go and find ways to LOVE their neighbors and cities. We've been doing this through a campaign called RESET MY CITY.

I had the opportunity to go last week to a Summit meeting in Minneapolis with them, and I left inspired by one main thing. The vision and calling that God gave RESET at the beginning has not changed. You know when God lays something on your heart, however big or small, and you don't know how the pieces are meant to fit or where you're supposed to step out next. You just follow God and the doors that open, and pray it's His will that's guiding your steps.

Well, one year into this, after the challenges and questions, successes and lessons, the vision remains exactly the same. This showed me that the heart behind this is to exalt Jesus and pray that hearts would turn to Him. No agenda, no egos. Only Jesus.

We're looking forward to finding ways to keep driving this forward, and appreciate your prayers for their team as they navigate the next couple of years and beyond.

Side note: one major perk to the meeting...it was timed to coincide with a National Day of Prayer event that their team plans each year. This night happened to feature Hillsong United. Happy coincidence.