Faith That Leads to Action -- The Pursuit


Faith That Leads to Action

‘Isn’t it obvious that God-talk without God-acts is outrageous nonsense? – James 2:17 (MSG)

I’ve been to quite a few conferences, lectures, seminars, training sessions and the like in my adult years. More often than not, I leave ‘knowing more about Jesus’ but not necessarily ‘knowing Him more.’ Does that make sense? There is a difference.

Jesus is in the business of ‘knowing’ rather than ‘knowing about’.

In Matthew 7, in the famed Sermon on the Mount, Jesus delivers some harsh truth that the end goal of a relationship with him (and actually of life itself) is about being one of the few who enter the narrow road and learn to know and love him well. On the flip side, he says that in the end there will be many who know a lot about him, who associate themselves with him, but alas… he ‘never knew them’. Jesus seems to me to be drawing a line in the sand.

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