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When did Love146 begin and why? Love146 works toward the abolition of child trafficking and exploitation through Prevention and Aftercare solutions while contributing to a growing abolition movement. In September 2002, Love146 Co-Founders went on an exploratory trip to SE Asia to determine how they could serve in the fight against child sex trafficking. In brothels they saw young children being sold for sex. In safe homes they witnessed the miracle of restoration as they sang and danced with survivors. From that first trip, the spark of abolition was ignited. 

What is the aim and mission of Love146? Love146 is a charitable organization providing safe accommodation for children and young people who have been trafficked and exploited into the UK. 

In parallel of the delivery of ‘Safe Accommodation’, Love146 also deliver Identification programmes through partnerships and training with the Border Force, Police, Education Systems, Social Workers, Magistrates, Gum Clinics, Doctors, Health Visitors. 

Prevention through personal development of Young People and Awareness Raising and Survivor Care through immediate Safeguarding under a safety plan Children Act, Safe Accommodation and Foster Care.

Once a child or young person has been identified as being a victim of trafficking or exploitation, we will safeguard them.

Has the vision remained the same or has it changed as Love146 has grown/expanded? The vision remains the same – to see the end of child trafficking & exploitation. We will endeavour to do this until the world is free of this horrible crime and injustice.

What resistance have you met and how have you handled it? The resistance comes from individuals who know and have heard of child trafficking but still believe it doesn’t happen in the UK. There is blindness to this being on their doorstep.

We continue to raise awareness and grow the abolition movement to show the reality of what is happening today – more frequently, the news/press are reporting on UK instances.

Can you give us a quick story of Kingdom Impact that your ministry has been part of recently? The work we do, the care we deliver and the objectives we meet on a daily basis need a presence of God’s grace and favour and healing at all times. 

As an organization, the team that has been built over the past few months has all been God appointments without any doubt, and this has had huge impact on the excellence and professionalism of our delivery.

We hear everyday of more young people being exploited and trafficked into the UK and in need of care. Their stories are harrowing, they are dark and all hope is gone. But we have faith and trust and we deliver our care with servant hearts.

We see a light and hope - Some years ago, a young girl trafficked into the UK from Nigeria gave false details and believed she had no future in life. No hope and was unloved.

Just recently, she shared an email with one of our team: “I’m now ready to tell you who I really am. I just qualified as a social worker, I wanted to be a social worker because of all the help you gave me.”

Jon Foreman of Switchfoot wearing Love146 button.

Jon Foreman of Switchfoot wearing Love146 button.

What encouragement can you give to others who have a passion to begin their own ministry/organisation but don’t know how/where to start? Seek God for affirmation and surround yourself with individuals you can be accountable to. Be patient and look at what charities are already out there working for the same cause/passion. A partnership can sometimes be stronger and more beneficial. Don’t give up.



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