Reset My City | Hagerstown RESET & Jazer Mauricio

This week's Q&A features Jazer Mauricio, and his God-given desire to see his city of Hagerstown, MD, RESET for God's glory. His story is encouragement to all of us, that no matter what comes against us, we can all strive and pray for God to move and change our cities. Then from our cities to our nations, from our nations to the world. Jazer is really catching the vision of RESET and is running full speed with it. You can too!

1. When did Hagerstown RESET begin? About January of 2014. It was a passion that God stirred up in my heart and I shared it with people, coming to find out, they had the same calling and passion.

2. What is the aim and mission of Hagerstown RESET? The vision most definitely has changed and for the better. God has been perfecting it, not only the vision but also the team. It has expanded and as we expand the people that God brings helps and modifies the Vision.

I would say it is constantly changing. 

3. What resistance have you met and how have you handled it? Lots of resistance. People telling me that it wasn't going to work and that this wasn't God, people leaving the team, things not working properly, and spiritual resistance as well.

4. Can you share a story of Kingdom impact that your ministry has seen recently? We had a meeting at a coffee shop when a young guy approached us and asked us if we were doing bible study? We answer yes and invited him to join us. He shared his story of drug addiction, dysfunctional parents, fake friends, living in the streets because his dad kicked him out, and confusion. We told him that God wanted to use his story to help others and he was going to be a great asset for God's kingdom. He surrender his life to Jesus and we are believing that God is transforming him and delivering him from his addictions for God's glory.

5. What encouragement or advice can you give to others who have a passion to begin to pursue the calling God is giving them ? Desperate pursuit of God's presence, tell him your desires of your heart, and make yourself available.