Unpacking The Pursuit

"The pursuit this year was for me the single most powerful encounter with God that I have ever had."

Our Awaken Movement UK team, along with a group of gifted friends, just wrapped up The Pursuit, a [four-day, 24-7 worship, prayer, community and justice gathering].

We wanted to write a recap about all God did during this unique time together, and we think the best way is to show you what people who attended are saying:

"Never have I been to something so God centred and I believe this was partly because of the length of time. As the weekend went on we became more aware of Gods presence. I believe there is something significant about the 65hrs. It wasn't until the latter end of the weekend did I fully relinquish everything." -- Rob

"The different vision really came across strongly though the gathering and I loved it. The emphasis on collaboration rather than consumerism came across really strongly through people being asked to bring instruments, share books, contribute stories, share words, and through the great format of the 10 min pursuit talks and discussions.  The value of equality and the priesthood of all believers came across strongly too with no leaders being elevated beyond attendees as they paid for tickets too, no one getting paid to speak, the central layout of the main tent, and everyone eating together.  The value of community came through strongly too as people were encouraged to share rooms and eat together.  There was such an expectation that you were to meet and love and engage with people beyond the group you came with.  To be honest I thought you absolutely nailed it!  Praise God for what he did through you guys.  It was great.  Thank you." -- Michael

"It may sound gushing, but everything was excellent. It was such a privilege to be able to walk into the tent of meeting where the presence of God was tangibly present, whether day or night. Every worship band/leader/DJ brought something unique and creative and there were times when heaven and earth touched each other. The main meetings were led in a way that enabled participation and in that space, everyone was valued for who they were and were free to contribute. I thought it was really brave to make space for God to speak through people and it really paid off. The main talks were excellent and the Pursuit talks were refreshing, vibrant, inclusive and radical." -- Rev'd James

"I was so apprehensive beforehand and if I'm honest, a couple of days prior to the Friday, I was seriously regretting having signed up for it...So I approached it with a semi-open mind and firmly put myself in God's hands.  And do you know what?  It totally paid off.  I don't know how to describe what I experienced because it's not something I really understand." -- Roxanna

"I'm overwhelmed by the authentic, raw and genuine experience of God at The Pursuit. Your vision of community and 24 hour worship must have been from Him as He certainly made it happen. Incredible life changing weekend. Thank you for carrying His vision. You succeeded in pioneering a new taste of the Kingdom of Heaven and a new vehicle for its outworking. God bless." --  Claire