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A Bump in Life - Gateway Church


We wanted to share a recap from last week's book launch event at Gateway Church for Amy Ford's 'A Bump in Life.' Awaken Movement was honored to play a part in leading everyone in worship. Our friend Karen Harmon from Gateway Worship joined us, which was awesome.


We also were thrilled to play our song, 'Life,' which has become the theme for Embrace Grace, a ministry Amy co-founded to help young moms with unplanned pregnancies. Huge bonus, Mark and Joel's niece, Christian Welch, sang with the band on this song!


After an inspiring talk from Amy, the band played with Dan Dean and his daughter, Danielle, as he led in the PCD hit song, 'Great Great God.'

It was such a memorable night, and thanks to everyone who gave to our diaper drive to help these girls out in a huge way. The boxes were overflowing with diapers - awesome!

You can still download our free song, 'Life,' and share the link with everyone! Click here & scroll to the bottom to listen & download - FREE!

Also, check out the brand new Embrace Grace commercial that debuted at the launch - it's incredible!


Our goal with the songs from the EP was to provide a soundtrack to what Rob and Cris were writing with the small group study. Along with these themes, Joel and I also wanted to include something that was more congregational - a song of praise that could fit into a church setting. Joel worked up a demo with our friend Adrian Disch and wanted help with the verses, so we went back and forth with voice memos until the final song came together. Production-wise, when we met with Stu he really wanted to keep the song in ‘church’ mode. No huge, overdone vocals or guitars. Joel’s added this to rotation at his church, and the reception has been great. Just one of the Biblical inspirations for the song:

Psalm 113
5 Who is like the Lord our God,
the One who sits enthroned on high,
6 who stoops down to look
on the heavens and the earth?
7 He raises the poor from the dust
and lifts the needy from the ash heap;
8 he seats them with princes,
with the princes of his people.


We have had some requests lately for the lyrics to the Postlude on our new album, Kingdom Rise. And here at Awaken, we aim to please... so here you go!

What do these words mean to you?

What is the best example of worship you have seen recently?


Worship is change.  

It is more than just a service that lasts for an hour on Sunday... 

Not a ritual that only the truly devout can engage in...

More than a singing session...

Not a show.

True worship transforms and changes an individual - it transforms who they are and, as a result, what they are about.    In fact, a Life of Worship cannot be broken down to expose the original creation as it once was.  It has been changed forever and can never be the same.

But, the dilemma in which we find ourselves is that we never stop to consider the seriousness of this claim.   In a life full of distractions and hurriedness… rushing from one thing to the next, we rarely carve out time to think about the thing we say that we whole-heartedly believe. So what happens - is our worship becomes reduced to an event; something that we go to once a week, but doesn't actually have lasting impact on our daily lives.

And then we wonder why our relationship with Jesus is dry.

Is this really all that there is?  

Did Christ die so that he could get our left-overs in life?

Are we the ones to decide what we want to give him and what we don't?

Is following Jesus only about what he can offer us?

Is Christianity something that can be condensed into a one-hour time slot?  

Isn't there Something more?

Twenty-nine centuries ago a man named Isaiah walked the earth.  God grabbed hold of Isaiah and told him to confront His people about their idea of worship.  God told Isaiah that He didn't want their hollow "religion" or their meaningless rituals.  

What He wanted from them was their lives

He wanted everything.

God explained to Isaiah that what was at the center of His heart for them was a life of worship by doing justice.  He desired for them to "remove the sinful chains of injustice,  set free the oppressed, share their food with the hungry, provide shelter for the homeless, and clothe the naked." Basically… God wanted them to start giving themselves to the down and out… to sacrifice of themselves for the benefit of others… to God - this was worship.

God explained that when this happens, "your light bursts out like the dawn."   An awakening to true worship involves a change in our lifestyles to care about what God cares about.  And when we do, this causes light to shine on us.  We are then noticed, we are different… kingdom bringers; change-makers.

What God wanted then He still hungers for today.

What if the worship of the church wasn't only music, but a lifestyle?

What if we truly care about what He cares about?  

What if we surrendered our desires and embraced His?  

What if instead of adding Jesus to our lives, we found ourselves being so wrapped up in him that we didn't want anything more?

What if our work — our relationships — our marriages — our families — what if they looked completely different; what if they looked like Jesus' Gospel? Like Redemption — like a NEW Kingdom way of life?

There would be an awakening… 

- AND - 

Jesus' Kingdom would be on earth as it is in heaven.

Postlude - Written and Spoken by Rob Peabody 

Awaken Worship (BMI) / Stu Garrard Sony/ATV Timber Publishing / Stugio Music Publishing (SESAC)