FREE ME FROM ME ... An Awaken Prayer

One of the most eye-opening realizations I have come to in my pursuit of worshipping Jesus is that all too often, more than I like to admit, I prefer to worship me.

This morning I was reading this excerpt from a book, and it led me to confession. May it do the same for you today. If we are to be people whose lives are a sacrifice, there is no room for self-worship. "More of you (Father), less of me."


Sacrifices, I don't want to have to make sacrifices. I want my plate full and my schedule empty. I want to be with people I like, people who are low in maintenance and high in appreciation. I want control over my time, my energy, my money, my things. I want my days to be predictable and my plans unobstructed. I want to experience success and successfully to avoid failure. I would rather be served than to serve. I would rather get the gift than to give.

I guess this all points me to one stunning reality.

There is never a day when my life is idol-free. There is never a week when I don't give myself to the worship of another. It is sad to say and humbling to admit, that the chief of these false deities is none other than me.

I am the sovereign I want to serve. I am the king I want others to obey. I am the lord I want to rule my days. Yes, it is true, Dear Father, I want to be you. My dissatisfaction is not because you are not wise, faithful, loving, good, but because I do not get my own way.

So, once more I bow, once more I make my confession, once more I plead for mercy, pardon, power, deliverance. Once more I ask, Dear Savior, Please free me from me and cause this selfish heart to find joy, satisfaction, motivation, delight, in doing the one thing I was given breath to do: offer myself as a sacrifice in the service of You.

Taken from "A Shelter in the Time of Storm" by Paul David Tripp