Intersect Series

What is your ultimate hope for those who complete the Intersect DVD series?

My dream is that Intersect would be used to start conversations of significance centered on the Gospel in a day where it is so easy to remain superficial and safe in the depth of conversation we conduct.

My hope for individuals who complete Intersect is that they would take their next step with Jesus, whatever that may be. For some, that will be contemplating and beginning to explore the things of God for the very first time. For others it will be re-imagining what their relationship with Him could become, and for others still it might be using Intersect to lead others to explore their relationship with God in a new and fresh way.

I also hope Intersect will give those of us in the church a tool to begin sharing our faith with those outside the walls of the church. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you; now all you have to do is push play and be open to having a conversation. My prayer is this would be a tool that helps to empower normal believers to make a difference in someone else’s life as they walk in obedience for the Kingdom of God.

How is our ability to trust God impacted by our experiences with people?

Life is all about relationships. We were created for relationships — both with God and with other people.. We know that from Scripture. However, the big difference between our relationship with God and other people is that we’ve never seen God. We experience Him, feel His presence at times and may even see Him move supernaturally amongst our relationships, but nonetheless we have never actually seen Him in person — in the flesh. This is where faith comes in. Faith is trusting in something (or someone) you have never seen with your eyes. It’s the assurance and confidence that what we hope for will actually happen.

Therefore, it is our human relationships that paint in our open spaces about our views of God. Our human relationships inform our relationship with God at times because that is what we can see. Sometimes these relationships can become the lens through which we view and interpret God. So if someone you love or trust betrays you, you are likely to view God with the same skepticism and lack of trust. We find this all the time with children. How the authority figures in a child’s life have treated them (both good and bad) will inform their perception of God as they mature. Humans are on one level so simple, yet paradoxically absolutely complex.

How do spiritually healthy people respond to life’s disappointments?

I believe spiritually healthy people bounce back from life’s disappointments. They are resilient because they live for something greater than the thing that is currently disappointing them. Yes, they may go through times of hurt, struggle, sadness and pain, but it will be their faith, their ability to process in a godly way and their trust in Jesus that will pull them through. I think spiritually healthy people are on a journey of viewing God more correctly and getting more of Him in their lives, which in turn reveals more about who they are and the world in which they live.

How can unmet expectations derail our spiritual journey?

I would say unmet expectations are the cause of all of our disappointments. We all have expectations, whether articulated or not, and these help guide how we behave, interact and process relationships and situations we move throughout daily. For those of us who are married, you know exactly what I am talking about! Often when our expectations are not met, we need someone or something to put the blame on . . . and quite often the easiest person to put this on is God. God is not a “cosmic vending machine” or “universal police officer” looking to reward good behavior and punish bad. We shouldn’t pray in order to get what we want because when things in your life are not going the way you had expected, you end up having a problem with God. Your spiritual journey gets derailed because you have failed to have an accurate perception of God in the first place. It all comes back to the view we have of God. And this view can only be accurately painted in our hearts and minds if we have looked to God’s revelation of Himself appropriately.