Rob Peabody


I'm excited to announce that my new book, CITIZEN, is coming your way soon! This past year, I have been dreaming, evaluating, studying, and writing about what it means to be a citizen of the Kingdom of God in society today. Unfortunately, for many of us, we are so caught up in the demands and responsibilities of the day that by the end of it, we don't have much left to offer the One we profess as King. Don't get me wrong... we want to; we desire to; but all too often, if we are really honest, our relationship with Jesus gets reduced to a meeting with him scheduled for an hour on Sunday

There has got to be something more than what we are currently living for... What if Jesus is calling us to an allegiance that breaks through our comfort and beyond the status quo of the current realities we find ourselves living for in the church in the West? 

Have we forgotten who we are? 

There's a much bigger story taking place here... Let's go back to the beginning and reexamine what it means to live as part of the alternative Kingdom. 

Citizen | Your Life in the Alternative Kingdom

UK RELEASE DATE: 18 July 2014

US RELEASE DATE: 27 September 2014