Kingdom Rise is a creative and powerful new worship resource aimed at engaging both individuals and the church to live as agents of change for the Kingdom of God. This 4-session study will challenge your views of worship, and leave you never again satisfied with the status quo of merely viewing worship as something that happens in church for an hour a week – but rather a radical life change that empowers and unleashes God's people to live on earth as it is in heaven.

Designed to be used as a personal or small group study, Kingdom Rise, is paired with 4 gripping short films that enhance the learning experience - taking you or your group to a deeper level of understanding and impact.

The complete Kingdom Rise worship resource includes this 4-session book study, 4 short films, and the Kingdom Rise worship album - with songs written that go hand in hand with each session of the study. For the complete experience, be sure to pick up all 3 resources that make up Kingdom Rise.